Bet $10 On The Eagles v. The Buccaneers And Get $200 When A TD Is Scored

Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets. 

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My Pick:

I’m not kidding you when I say that I’m smokin’ Newports all week to prep for this game. Remember when they said Nick Sirianni was an incompetent weirdo after his opening press conference? Remember when they said we would win five games? Remember when they ranked Jalen Hurts outside of the top thirty NFL quarterbacks? Remember when they said our O-line was old and injury-prone? Remember when the division was between Dallas and The Football Team? I remember. There are three rules in life:

  • Never covet another man’s wife
  • Never steal unless you have to
  • Always bet the Philadelphia Eagles when they come in as underdogs

This team represents an entire city of underdogs. Guys that work their ass off every day just to get by, immigrants that come to our great country for a better life, and people that have been written off since the day their doctor cut the umbilical cord. And every Sunday, we put our hopes and dreams into a football team that the media writes off year after year. But, The Eagles have gotten up after every gut punch all season, just like the guy that got laid off last week, or the single Mom working at a diner gets up at sixty-thirty every morning to provide for her kids. I could give you the stats, I can tell you that this game will be won in the trenches, but this game will truly come down to heart, and our team has a damn good one. Vegas likes the Bucs by 8.5, but that means nothing. Go Birds.

Regardless of what happens don’t forget to bet $10 and win $200 when a TD is scored!

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