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The Mets will be looking for revenge after Houston pulled their pants down and shoved them in a locker the last time these two teams met. Both of these teams maintain comfortable leads within their division- the Mets against competent opponents within the NL East and the Astros against an AL West with the contact skills of Lennie from Of Mice and Men. ESPN might tell you that the Mets have slid down their power rankings because they are 6-4 in their last ten games, but they fail to mention that Max Scherzer has one more rehab start before returning to the mound. The Mets have the most wins in the National League, and they have been doing it with mid-pitching. As great as Tijuan Walker and Edwin Diaz have been, by most accounts, the Mets’ pitching ranks middle-tier, while their offense is top three in nearly every statistical category. 

The thought of Scherzer getting back on the hump and Degrom throwing BP again should be enough to send fans of other NL teams into night terrors. Could the Mets use a catcher and maybe another bullpen arm? For sure; however, their performance up to this point has been exceptional. Looking at their offensive numbers on paper, nothing really stands out. So why does a team with only a +67 run differential (half the Dodgers’) have the best record in the National League? Their situational hitting. The Mets are batting .259 with runners in scoring position. Good enough for second in the league. If Carlos Carrasco can get his groove back, I expect the Mets to take the first two games of the series. Take the Mets. 

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