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Bryce Harper out indefinitely is a kick to the ribs, but there’s something to be said about this Phillies team rallying behind this for two straight wins. Kyle Schwarber is playing excellent baseball, the rotation has improved, and guys that have been struggling all season cough Alec Bohm are piecing together some really nice at-bats. As a fan, I feel robbed of losing my right to watch the best player in baseball take the field; however, wouldn’t it be the most Philly sports thing ever if the Phillies kept it rolling without their star?

I mean, it’s not like Philadelphia is known as a city where hungry dogs run faster or a city that’s known for their players and fans rallying behind an injured star, right? Will the Phillies need to pick up an outfielder at the deadline for some prospects? Of course. But Philadelphia’s season is far from over. Philly sports franchises are like cockroaches- even when the media proclaims them dead, they will still be there with a packed stadium full of drunk fans salivating at the thought of giving someone from New York the bird. The Braves come into this series after a heartbreaking loss to the Dodgers, and as great as Atlanta has played during June, the Phillies have them in their reach. I choose to believe that Zack Wheeler and Aaron Nola can piece together some wins here. Take the Phillies in games one and three.

Regardless of what happens get the closest thing to free money you possible without having to sell your body.


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