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The Vrbo Citrus Bowl will be played on Monday between the LSU Tigers and the Purdue Boilermakers, two runners up in their respective conference championships. LSU fell to the absolute powerhouse squad of the Georgia Bulldogs, and Purdue came up short against Michigan. With no real meaning behind almost all bowl games, Purdue has been absolutely decimated by opt outs as they head into this matchup against an LSU team that already outmatches them at full capacity. The Boilermakers struggled on the ground all season, and they finished the year outside the top 100 teams in EPA/Rush, which doesn’t bode well for their offense going into this bowl game. Purdue is without their two biggest weapons in Aidan O’Connell, who finished his season ranked fifteenth in total passing yards, and Charlie Jones, who ended the year with over one hundred catches and almost 1,400 yards, which means that their passing won’t be what it was during the regular season. LSU is missing a few of their guys due to opt outs as well, but overall they’re still a much better team than the Boilermakers. The only danger for LSU will be if Jaylen Daniels isn’t able to complete the game as he exited the conference championship game with an aggravated ankle, in which case Garrett Nussmeier would take the reins for the Tigers. Nussmeier has been a solid backup all season, though, so if he ends up getting in, the Boilermakers would still struggle.

LSU is favored MAJORLY by Vegas going into this game with a -14.5 spread as of right now, and that’s truly due to how many missing pieces Purdue is going into this game with. The Boilermakers were great during the regular season when they finished at the top of the Big 10 West, but the biggest factor in that feat will not be playing in the Citrus Bowl. If they had a better run game, they might have a shot at switching their offensive mindset to a more ground-heavy attack, but they went through the air all year because of how poor their rushing game was. The four touchdowns per game that they averaged per game was enough to outdo opponents, who averaged almost 25 points per game and over three hundred yards, but without it, the defense will greatly struggle to stop a non-stop LSU offense. Jaylen Daniels was a stud all year, and he helped the Tigers generate an offense that averaged 32.5 points per game, but even when he was out with injury, Nussmeier was more than capable of keeping the offense in a groove. There’s no doubt that anything can happen in college football, especially when bowl games come around, but Purdue is going to have to overcome mountains to beat LSU, which isn’t looking great with everything that they’re missing. Take LSU to win and get your $200 from BetMGM when a TD is scored.

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