Bet $20 On the Avalanche vs. the Panthers & Get $200 Extra If Colorado Wins

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The Avalanche and the Panthers. One of these teams is defending a Stanley Cup. And it ain’t the Florida Panthers. The Avalanche are absolute locks to win this upcoming Tuesday. 

The Florida Panthers aren’t the worst team in the NHL right now by any stretch. Matthew Tkachuk has been putting together quite the season this year with 49 total points, 20 goals, and 29 assists. The man is making every other player that he skates with look like an amateur. They’ve also got Carter Verhaeghe and Brandon Montour, both with 32 total points a piece this season, although Brandon hasn’t seemed to be able to use any of those points to help his team. Currently, sitting on a -4 plus/minus isn’t the best look for one of your top three players in total points. Plus, with all the points this team seems to accumulate, they’re still stuck at 5th in the Atlantic Division and 11th in points in the East overall, which isn’t exactly the best look. 

The Avalanche, on the other hand, has been elite this season. They are playing like they were the last team to win the Stanley Cup. And oh, would you look at that, they were. Cale Makar has not really slowed down since winning every award ever for a defender in the NHL last season. He has racked up 37 points this season, with most of those coming from his 27 assists. That’s a pretty insane stat line for a defender. Mikko Rantanen has been killing the game this season as well. With 48 total points, 26 goals, and 22 assists, he’s been looking pretty gross.

The Avalanche are clearly the better team. Bet on the Avalanche’s moneyline and get your extra $200 if Denver wins.

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Written by Warren Loukota

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