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Week two of the NFL pre-season means that the stars we know and love will get a chance to get some action, which means we can place bets with a little bit more wherewithal than last week. In week two, we’ve been promised to see a “healthy amount” of Buffalo starters, and according to experts, the Broncos are set to play many of their first-string guys in the first half. With both teams having a lot of guys fighting for roster spots, we can depend on seeing a competitive game. The Broncos are looking to do something they haven’t done since the world expected Hillary Clinton to be the President of the United States- average twenty-one points per game. I believe the pairing of Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett can do just that. Wilson is going from an offensive line with the Seahawks that couldn’t block a five-year-old playing “Red Rover” to a mid-level line that can protect him when he’s throwing thirty-five times a game.

We will be pleasantly surprised with how instant Russell Wilson will look comfortable in his new regime. While the Bills might be a better overall team, the Broncos have been disrespected all offseason. I’ve even seen hacks in the media claim that their defensive line is going to decline with the addition of Randy Gregory- a take so bad that it would even make Colin Cowherd shudder. Vegas likes the Bills by five points, but Josh Allen only played one pre-season game last year, so I hate that pick. I think we will see more Russell Wilson than Josh Allen, and the Broncos end up edging a Buffalo team that might win the whole AFC. Take the Broncos. Broncos country, let’s ride.

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