Bet $20 On The Packers vs. The Chiefs And Get $150 Regardless of Outcome

Did you guys read the title on this? We legally can’t lie to you. So that begs the question: are you stupid? Sure, the Kansas City Chiefs have been playing like they’re the Kansas City Queefs, and we don’t exactly know how Jordan Love will perform against a team that’s defense looks about as legit as an influencer-led crypto class. Still, putting a bet down that is quite literally guaranteed to hit makes this game exciting.

This game will be a big test for Jordan Love, and either way the cookie crumbles, Packers’ Nation will overreact. On the other side, I think we are all waiting for Patrick Mahomes to wake up from hibernation. I know that the running story is his brother cursing the team, but this guy leads the league in interceptions.

Before I give you my take on what to make of this question mark of a game, how about you make the smartest possible decision by placing a bet using PointsBet. 

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I’ll say it again: get $150 in FREE BETS regardless of the outcome.

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From everything that we’ve heard, Jordan Love is suitable to be Aaron Rodgers’ replacement. He’s looked good in pre-season, he’s comfortable in the offense, and he’s spent the last year mentored by a guy whom First Take argues is the “best” quarterback of all time (big difference than the greatest). The spread is -7.5 on the Chiefs, but I’m not buying into it. The Chiefs almost lost to the New York Giants, and until Patrick Mahomes starts looking like Patrick Mahomes, I’m riding the wave against him. As for the points, forty-eight smells like an over. 

Bet using the PointsBet offer so you win regardless, but capitalize on the guaranteed winnings and take the Packers.

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