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How to describe a game between Arizona and Oregon. Well, I feel that the best example might be the College Football Championship game, actually. One team was absolutely loaded and won the game by a million. It was Georgia, and in this case, it would Be Arizona. The other team, TCU or Oregon, was just simply worse and lost the game by a million. Or to quote a famous movie. “Ant. Boot.”.

Which team is the Ant, you might be wondering? Well, that’s easy. It would be the team that’s currently nine and seven, unranked, and without a win against a ranked team. So Oregon. I want to say they’ve been alright this season, but that wouldn’t be very honest of me. I mean, I’ll give them a couple of things. The first is that they’re above 500, which I guess in college basketball isn’t exactly easy so that’s something. And the second thing I’ll give them is guard Will Richardson. He’s been a solid player for the Ducks. Will has been scoring 14.6 points per game, dishing out 5.4 assists per game, and grabbing 1.6 steals per game. He’s been leading his team in all of those categories. 

The Arizona Wildcats are the boot, and they are absolutely going to stomp on Oregon. On the Wildcat’s quest to fourteen and two, they’ve beaten ranked teams like Tennessee and San Diego State. They have been playing lights-out basketball with some of the NCAA’s top talents. Azuolas Tubelis has been on another level this season. He’s been averaging 20.6 points per game, 9.1 rebounds per game, 1.1 steals per game, and 1.0 blocks per game. He’s leading his team in three of those categories, and the only reason he isn’t leading the team in blocks is that they have a center in Oumar Ballo, who has been an absolute paint beast this season. I mean, which Duck is stopping Azuolas? Plus, they have their guard Kerr Kriisa who has absolutely no trouble finding the open man with 5.7 assists on the season to this point.

I mean, make the easy decision, bet on Arizona, and get $150 back instantly!


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Written by Warren Loukota

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