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Oh. Boy. Are you kidding me? Two top-five ranked teams going head-to-head? What did I do to deserve this game? With two teams this good, I’m gonna have to get nitpicky folks, so bear with me. All that being said, while Houston is a great ball club, after a little bit of behind-the-scenes magic, I’ve realized that the Cavaliers are winning this game. 

Let’s start with the Cougars. I am not in love with the fact that besides Marcus Sasser, who has been balling this year, no one else on this team is scoring in the double digits in points per game. That is a bit of a red flag. And as much as you can argue that that means this team has depth, I would argue that the game is five-on-five, and you can’t exactly play ten guys on the court and hope that one of them besides Marcus is hot that night. Speaking of Marcus, though, man, offensively, he’s a demon. I mean, 16 points per game shooting over 41% from the field is a little bit ridiculous; he just needs to get some help. 

Virginia, on the other hand, is absolutely killing the game offensively. They have four players who are breaking the double digits in points per game barrier, and all of them are doing it while shooting better than 42% from the field. Those seem like relatively video game-level statistics. Also, in terms of great stats, starting guard Kihei Clark is leading the team in points per game and assists per game while shooting better than 42% from both the field and from three. That doesn’t sound too bad to me. Starting forward, Kadin Shedrick has been absolutely lockdown for the Cavs as well, leading the team in both steals and blocks with 1.6 and 2 per game, respectively.

The Cavaliers are just the better all-around team, and that is the reason why they are ranked number two in NCAA basketball right now. So what’re you waiting for? Bet Virginia’s Moneyline to get $150 back if you pick the winner with DraftKings!

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Written by Warren Loukota

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