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Alright, I know Wyoming doesn’t really have a quarterback, but it was hard to watch week one and not be a little bullish on Illinois football. They trampled over Wyoming like it was a Kmart Black Friday in 2013. I don’t necessarily think Illinois is the ’85 Bears, but what a performance from the Fighting I. That being said, Indiana is just a better team. Sure, last year was a bigger disaster than Bat Girl, but let’s not forget this was a team that dominated the Big 10 only two years ago. Injuries riddled Indiana last year like a chlamydia outbreak at Arizona State, so you can’t really blame both units for falling apart. For God’s sake, the Hoosiers had four different guys throw over fifty passes, star cornerback Tiawan Mullen was hurt most of the year, and all hope for the season was lost by week four. 

Fortunately, the Hoosiers got Chad Wilt, an excellent defensive backs coach from Minnesota, to be the new defensive coordinator. Wilt, along with transfers JH Tevis (Cal), LeDarius Cox (Ole Miss), and Myles Jackson (UCLA), have the potential to plug the holes in which last year’s disastrous season escaped. While we don’t know who will be throwing the ball for Indiana, Auburn running back transfer Shaun Shivers gives me enough confidence that this offense can win games while they figure it out, especially to an Illinois team that’s chronically overrated. Vegas likes Indiana at three and a half. I think this game is decided by six points or more. Illinois looked good last week, but anyone would look good next to Nosferatu. Take the Hoosiers and take your free $200 from DraftKings!

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