Bet $5 On Indiana vs. Western Kentucky & Get $200 Back Instantly

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The time of year where our Saturdays and Sundays are spent with butt cheeks firmly planted on the couch, a cold beer in hand, and screenshots of parlays we’ve placed pulled up on our phones has finally returned. It’s a lovely time to make some money, and luckily, there’s a chance to get some free money to play with by betting on the Indiana vs. Western Kentucky game this weekend. Both teams are 2-0 so far this season, and it’s looking to be a spicy matchup for everyone watching.

The Hooisers are hosting Western Kentucky for the game, and despite the same record and Western Kentucky also being 2-0 and having beaten their opponents a little more handily (38-27 and 49-17) than Indiana has (35-22 and 23-20), but the fact of the matter is that Indiana has been and will continue to play more competitive teams in the Big 10. Western Kentucky may put up a good fight, but a C-USA East Division school is just never going to match up against a team that has to play some of the best squads in college football every year. The best thing about this game, though, is that even if Western Kentucky manages to sneak in a win, which is about as likely as me making it an entire week without skipping a class, as long as you bet $5, you’ll still get a free $200 from DraftKings!

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