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Iowa against Duke, this’ll be a great game to watch. While Iowa is going to be hungry for a big win with their star forward Kris Murray coming off of a career night, the Blue Devils will most likely enter this game flat expecting the win. I’m liking Iowa a lot in this matchup.

As far as Duke goes, they haven’t been anything impressive this season. When they face a big opponent they seem to lose. I’ve been loving what their center Kyle Filipowski has been doing for them this season, snagging 9.2 boards per game, scoring 15.2 points per game, and averaging 1.4 steals per game. Which is a pretty solid stat line. However, if I’m going against a team in which their center is leading their team in steals, then I’m not exactly gonna be shaking in my boots. In the two games that Duke has lost this season, they’ve been letting the stars players of the opposing teams be star players. They’ve been terrible at shutting down top talent all year, meaning Murray is about to feast on that Duke defense like it’s Christmas dinner. 

As for Iowa, I’ve been talking about him all blog, but Kris Murray is different gravy. Averaging a double-double of 21.0 points per game and 10.6 rebounds per game is an absolutely insane thing to do for anyone. And he’s doing it while shooting over 51% from the field and over 40% from three. That’s just stupid. Not to mention Iowa actually has a floor general in Tony Perkins who’s been getting it done on both ends of the court, leading the team in both assists and steals. 

Will this be a close, competitive game? Most likely. But will Iowa come out on top? Almost definitely. Kris Murray is just too good for Iowa to lose. Bet Iowa’s Moneyline to get back $150 with DraftKings!

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Written by Warren Loukota

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