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In a world where nothing is questionable, and people can identify as anything they want, seeing Mets fans identify as “happy” might be the biggest shocker of them all. This is not the same old Mets. This is the best team in baseball. Francisco Lindor has been playing up to his contract, the starting pitching has been fantastic, and their situational hitting has been better than the video of Justin Verlander’s wife doing the Cat Daddy. Do I think the Phillies will continue to stink this bad throughout the season? No. However, do I think the Mets are primed to win the NL East? Yes. We are talking about a team that has just won their first SIX series of the year for the first time in franchise history. Tylor Megill has the highest ERA amongst Mets starters at a cool 2.35.

Here are where Mets starters rank in the MLB this year

1st- 2.16 ERA

1st- 2.7 WAR

1st- 28 K%

1st- 0.85 WHIP

I’m not saying the Mets are a 120-win team, but what I am saying is that you would have to be a passenger on the short bus to not bet on these guys. The Mets will take two of three in this series. Take the Mets in game one. 

Regardless of what happens, bet $5 & get $200 back with DraftKings!

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