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Go Green! Go White! Michigan State will absolutely win this game. Even amidst the firing turmoil, and the most recent loss, I still have faith. This football program is too strong to lose to a team like Maryland. Their bad loss last week will only propel them forward and drive them to win. I may not know much, but I do know that the Spartans football program does not have two bad losses in a row. Give me Michigan State.

Maryland has looked pretty good so far this season. They ain’t your father’s Crimson Tide mind you, but they’ve been solid. They remain unranked through three games with no wins against teams that are really gonna make any noise. Having said all that, little Tua has been looking pretty good with 889 passing yards and five touchdowns. However, he hasn’t been amazing throwing two picks and being forced to take a sack against defenses that he really should be doing better against. Roman Hemby the running back has been a bit of a steam engine though with four touchdowns already in this short season for the Terrapins to go with 243 yards. He hasn’t run up against the boys they have over in Michigan State though, so we’ll see how effective he is come game time.

Alright, I’ll get the elephant in the room out of the way. I’m not a fan of the way this program let go of Mel Tucker, but it wasn’t the player’s choice. These guys are still goin in to work every day, lacing up the cleats, tossing on the shoulder roads, and getting to work. I think their first loss of the season to the eighth-ranked Washington Huskies is the kick they needed to stop wallowing in their sorrow. He’s gone and there’s nothing these kids can do to change that. I now believe that this team will focus forward, and my goodness do I fear for anyone standing in their way. Noah Kim has been solid throwing five touchdowns and 707 yards, and the Spartan’s rushing attack has been solid in its own right. Nathan Carter has 272 yards and four tuddys on the season, and I’d bet he’d love to add to that total.

Michigan State is coming into this game angry, so I’d bet on Michigan State and get your extra $200 in bonus bets.

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