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I won’t lie; this matchup for the Nets will not be an easy one. I mean, they are playing the
number one seed in their division. However, they are on what some might call a downright
historic run, while the Celtics have looked shaky recently. I really like the Nets in this matchup.
The Boston Celtics have been looking really shaky these past few games after their
red-hot start at the beginning of the season. This season they’ve lost to the Pacers, Magic twice,
and the Thunder. That, to me, points to a history of them underestimating teams this season
and getting burned by it. I mean, they let the Oklahoma City Thunder put up 150 on them, and
no offense to OKC, but they ain’t like that this year. Marcus has been in and out of the lineup with
injuries, and he’s been their glue guy for most of the season. Plus, besides Jaylen Brown and
Jayson Tatum, they don’t have much in shot creation, so if one of those guys is having an off
night, this team is really gonna struggle.

The Nets, on the other hand, have been absolutely dominant recently. In their last twenty
games, they have lost only two of them. Ever since Jacques Vaughn took over, they have looked
simply dominant. And yes, while the injury to KD hurts this team a bit, he wasn’t the only
superstar on this team going nuclear in this stretch. Kyrie Irving has been and will continue to be
the absolute box office this season. He’s been averaging 26 points per game this season, and that
number will only skyrocket after this injury to Durant. He’s been shooting close to 50% this
season, and even if that percentage dips, with the number of shots he’ll now be taking, he’s going
to be looking like he’s back in Cleveland about to win a ring. This Nets team also has a
superpower that Boston doesn’t have. Consistent, solid defense. Ben and Claxton have been
anchors of said defense, and it has very clearly been working.

The Nets have the momentum going into their matchup with the Celtics on Thursday. Bet $5
on the Nets & get your $150 back instantly!


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Written by Warren Loukota

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