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Game Analysis:

It’s no surprise that the Pelicans find themselves playing this game. If Brandon Ingram has an entirely healthy season this year with CJ McCollum by his side, New Orleans is probably the sixth seed. The question on everyone’s mind for this game is whether Kawhi Leanord (who has been seen scrimmaging 3 v. 3) will be playing this game. Without Kawhi, the Pelicans win this game easier than a freshman AXO wearing zebra print, but if he decides to play, New Orleans will need to expect a lot from their stars. 

These two teams play a pretty similar brand of basketball:

  • They are both horrible in the first half.
  • Their offenses run about as awkwardly as a middle school dance does.
  • They both have mid-to-good NBA defenses.

LA has an overall stronger defensive unit than New Orleans, mainly because they guard the perimeter like Greg Abbott would guard the border if he had things his way, but New Orleans is far and away better at rebounding. New Orleans rebounds like my ex-girlfriend- hard, fast, and enough to make a grown man cry. Brandon Ingram will win this game for the Pelicans on the offensive boards. Take NOLA.

Regardless of what happens, take this offer, bet $5 and get $150 Back!

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