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Game Analysis:

Yes, the Spurs have had the Pelicans’ number all season; no, Wednesday will not be like any of their regular-season matchups. San Antonio has never played the Pelicans at full strength with both Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum. That’s like me telling my friends that I beat Lebron James in a one-on-one game if; in reality, it was a guy who works at Staples with one leg also named Lebron James. Where the Pelicans really edge out the Spurs is at the forward positions. The duo of Herb Jones and Ingram is so defensively lethal that cult members wouldn’t even drink that Kool-Aid. The Spurs have an excellent group of guys at guard, but I don’t see any of them putting more points on the board than CJ McCollum, who by the way, combined with Jonas Valanciunas, has more playoff experience than the entire Spurs player roster. The Smoothie King Center is about to go crazy. Take the Birds.

Regardless of what happens, take this offer, bet $5 and get $150 Back!

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