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Last Thursday, the Pitt Panthers faced off against West Virginia in a 41-34 win at home. Pitt fans were shocked at the turnout of WVU supporters – no one was aware that they’d have the intellectual capacity to navigate the hour and a half drive from Morgantown – but a late game pick six solidified a win regardless. Tennessee opened up their season with a blowout 59-10 win against Ball State in a game that proved to be easier to win than to get into Ball State, and now they’ll face off against a ranked Pittsburgh team this Saturday at 3:30pm.

This is a big game for both squads, and Pitt is being marked down as an underdog. Sure, Tennessee had a more commanding win in the season opener, whereas Pitt slipped through for the win last minute. But those odds don’t factor in the other elements at play. Pitt played in a sold out stadium in a game that was more than ten years in the making, so no one expected a blowout. Now, they’ve been deemed the lesser team despite the fact that Tennessee faced no real competition, which means it’s a great time to hammer a bet on Pitt to win this game. When you place a $5 bet on Pitt vs. Tennessee, you can take your free $200 from DraftKings – win or lose!

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