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Game Analysis:

Last night is the brand of Sixers basketball needed to win a championship (hats off to Doc Rivers for his one-hundredth playoff win). Joel Embiid was a monster in the first, Tyrese Maxey picked his spots without forcing anything, and Tobias Harris rubs eyes in disbelief played up to his contract. Notice how I didn’t say James Harden? Because he wasn’t even a top-three player for Philly last night…that’s how deep this team is.

If there was any year that Philly could do it, it would be this year, and you shouldn’t constrain yourself from hammering these money lines to pay the tab at McGillin’s. I mean no disrespect when I say this, the Raptors had one hell of a second-half, but there’s no way in hell they are beating Philadelphia. Statistically, Philly dominates Toronto in a litany of categories ranging from effective field goal percentage to opponent three-pointers per game. Toronto is Emma Stone. They are good-looking on both sides of the ball, they produce a ton of points off of turnovers, and Pascal Siakam thrives in their “trap heavy” defense. But the Sixers…they are Scarlett Johansson. Philly has the best basketball player in the world right now, Tyrese Maxey attacks the basket like he’s imitating Rambo, and their ability to create as a team is almost next to none. Baring some crazy injuries, Philadelphia will sweep the Raptors, and Nick Nurse will find himself making Tik Toks with Bryce Hall in LA.

Clap your hands, everybody

For Philadelphia, 76ers

Stomp your feet, everybody

For Philadelphia, 76ers

Here they come, Philadelphia

On the run, stand up and cheer

Number one, Philadelphia

Here they come, team of the year

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