Bet $5 On Texas vs. Baylor & Get $200 In Bonus Bets

One of these two football teams beat ‘Bama. That’s all I really feel like I need to say for this intro. One of these teams is an SEC school and has beat SEC schools. Texas is going to roll up to Baylor University this weekend and make them wish their football program never even existed. This game is going to be a beatdown of epic proportions. I’m slowly running out of similes and metaphors to use for how bad of a blowout this game will be. Take Texas everything in this game.

I wish I could say Baylor was at least a respectable game. But the reality is that they’ve lost to both Texas State and ranked Utah this season. Texas is currently ranked third in the country in college football. What do you think this team is about to do to the Bears? If we are scrounging for positives in this section then I can say that they did get a win, so they’re not 0 and three right now. Which is something. But beyond that, I don’t really know what to speak about. I feel like anything I’d say would feel disingenuous. It’s like trying to hype up the three-year-old baby brother in a game of pick-up hoops when his older brother is 15 and has been playing his whole life. This game just won’t go the Bear’s way, plain and simple. 

Hook ‘em horns babyyyyyy! We have the best team in college football and it ain’t even close. I don’t wanna hear nothing about no Michigan or Georgia. Football goes through us this year! Quinn Ewers looks like the reincarnation of Colt McCoy when he steps back into the pocket. The three-level scanning, the arm strength, the accuracy. It’s really enough to make a grown man cry. Ewers has already thrown for eight touchdowns this year. Eight! I have to write a lot of articles for a lot of different teams, and I won’t lie to you that’s up there for most passing touchdowns I’ve seen. But I don’t want him to overshadow any of the work that has been done by Xavier Worthy this season, his favorite receiver so far, and for good reason. The man has racked up 221 yards on 16 receptions and a touchdown on top. This team is the definition of electrifying as it heads into this weekend’s matchup and I can’t wait to watch this win.

Is this supposed to be WWE Smackdown or college football? It’ll be hard to tell this Saturday. Bet on Texas and get your extra $200 in bonus bets.

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