Bet $5 On the Bears vs. Texans & Get $200 If You Pick The Winner

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Week three of the NFL brings us Da Bears against the Texans at Soldier Field in Chicago, and while it’s no Super Bowl matchup, such astounding mediocrity on both sides will at least give us a game that’s worth watching. The Bears are currently 1-1 with a week one win against the 49ers (19-10) and a week two Discount Double POUNDING from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers (10-27). In the AFC South, the second place Texans are sitting at 0-1-1, having tied an incredibly disappointing Colts team in week one and falling to the Broncos in week two (9-16). Currently, the Bears are a 2.5 point favorite at home in the third week of the NFL season.

Davis Mills has been the definition of “mid.” He’s 42 of 75 in completions, with 417 total yards through the first two weeks, not even breaking 200 last week against the Broncos. The defense has been good enough to not totally screw either of their first two games, but with an offense as unexciting as this, it’s hard to have any faith that they’ll be able to sneak a win in. The Bears aren’t much more inspiring. With that being said, though, any game against Rodgers and the Packers is pretty much a guaranteed loss, so I’m focused on their first game against the 49ers where the defense showed some real competence, which is about as much of a compliment as I can give. Justin Fields is objectively more talented than Davis Mills, so while I expect this game to be low scoring, I’m feeling good about a Bears bounce back week after what is always a heartbreaking loss to Rodgers – let’s face it: the man’s got a real estate in the collective head of these guys. Take the Bears moneyline and get your free $200 from DraftKings!

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