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Game analysis:

Bills fans are going to hate me for saying this but I’m not so sure this game will be signed sealed and delivered. I mean…only one of these teams is undefeated right now. And I know the Commanders haven’t played world-beaters, but they still won both games, a feat the Bills have not accomplished. The Bills also lost to Zach Wilson, and after we saw what the Cowboys did to that poor boy, that feels like a pretty bad loss now. I’d maybe lean towards the Bills still, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the underdogs win this game.

The Washington Commanders have been a winning team this season. They’re not elite, they’re definitely not bad, they’re just…winning. I don’t really know how else to put it. Both of these games have been very narrow victories with an average win margin of three points. But, they won both of them. Sam Howell has looked good enough through the first two games, not winning any for the Commanders but definitely not losing them. He’s already taken 10 sacks this season but only thrown one pick. The guy knows not to put the ball in harm’s way. He protects that thing like his job depends on it, and, well, it definitely does. Because he doesn’t take many risks the receiving numbers have not been amazing but my lord can Brian Robinson Jr. run the football. This is a careful, calculated team that knows how to win big games. I hope the Bills don’t underestimate them.

The Bills are the opposite of the Commanders. Way more talented but full of risk-takers. Josh Allen has started the season in a confusing manner, with one really bad game and one great game. He may have taken fewer sacks than Sam Howell this far into the season, but he’s also thrown more picks at three. Hopefully, he decides to take care of the ball more in this game because that seems to be the recipe for beating the Bills, forcing Josh Allen to make stupid mistakes and using those turnovers to score and force Josh Allen to make even more stupid mistakes. Stefon Diggs is still him in case anyone forgot and it’s a real shame he only has one touchdown this far into the season because he could easily have many more. And the Bills’ defense has been the most consistent part of their team, I expect them to come as ready as ever into this game having only let up 13 points per game at this point in the season. 

The Bills are the better team, but they are turnover crazy. Bet on either team to win and get your $200 in bonus bets!

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Written by Sampson

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