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Let it be known that it is no longer the era of the Heatles. The Heat currently are on track to be old, slow, and downright terrible. And no I’m not just saying that because I’m a Celtics fan and still mad at the bubble season. Plus, it’s not like this is going to be an easy game, the Bulls are legit. 

Let’s start off with that Bulls team, shall we? DeMar DeRozan is looking like the second coming of Michael Jordan. Last season there was a legitimate chunk of time where DeMar was the front-runner to win MVP and take the Bulls to the number one seed of the Eastern Conference. The addition of Andre Drummond this off-season made their center rotation a top-end offensive-minded center, and a top-end rebounder. That’s a pretty ridiculous one-two combo if we’re being honest. Not to mention the fact that their superstar Zach Lavine has done nothing but get better and better every season. Last season he shot almost 50% from the field and almost 40% from three. 

Meanwhile, the Heat have done nothing but get older and more reliant on unreliable younger pieces. Last season we saw the heat give Duncan Robinson a bag only for them to play him as much as they played me during the Eastern Conference Finals. Now they’ve tied up a lot of their future in Tyler Herro, who played plenty of minutes in that same Eastern Conference Final only for his most significant achievement to still be that he was the name of a Jack Harlow song. Kyle Lowry is only getting older and more and more slowed down by his cake, Jimmy Butler can’t do anything himself, and we see what happens when Bam is given any shred of responsibility. It works about as well as your friend’s one pickup line they use at every bar. 

I mean call me crazy but I have a feeling that the Bulls are easily gonna cover their +6 underdog spread. Take the Bulls Spread and get your $150 from FanDuel + 3 Months of NBA League Pass for Free!

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Written by TFM

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