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After this year’s Hard Knocks, I could not be more pumped to watch Lions football. Both of these teams have incredible futures ahead of them. The Lions might not have their QB of the future yet, but they have a lot of talented young pieces coming together on that roster. The Steelers may have their quarterback of the future on their roster, but their offensive line is weaker than Biden’s border policy. I met Kenny Pickett right after he got drafted at one of his local bars around where he grew up in New Jersey, we shook hands, told a few jokes, and both went on with our nights and our beers. What struck me most about Kenny Pickett was that he had just become a multi-million four days before we met, and there he was hanging out with his hometown friends at his hometown bar. That’s a franchise quarterback right there. 

The Lions are going to be a much better team than last year. They have a solid offensive line, the run game is under-appreciated, and if Jared Goff can do what he did in the second half of 2021, that offense will run like a souped-up Camaro. The Lions also spent six of their eight picks on defense in the draft. They have a guy in Aidan Hutchinson that will be an immediate game changer for a defense that ranked thirtieth in sacks last year. I don’t think the Lions will be the ‘85 Bears, but there will be significant improvements on that side of the ball. Take the Lions and take your free $150 from FanDuel!


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