Bet $5 On the Nets vs. Bulls & Get $200 If You Pick The Winner

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The Nets against the Bulls. Two teams in the Eastern Conference right now trying their best to remain relevant. One team has two superstars who at any moment could drop sixty points in a game, maybe even in the same game. The other team has the better role players around DeMar DeRozan who once again is showing the world that he is not quite past his prime. This is truly anyone’s ball game.

The Chicago Bulls have been the benchmark of inconsistency this season, they have beaten some of the best teams and lost to some of the worst teams. They are either absolutely firing on all cylinders or they think they’re playing cricket. However, even amidst all of this inconsistency, there is one thing to remain confident about, in every game that the Bulls have played against top-end talent teams like the Heat, the 76ers, or the Celtics they’ve either beaten them or lost by single digits. The Nets, last time I checked had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant on their roster so I feel like it’s safe to say this is a team with top-end talent. So the math says for the Bulls, this game will at least be close. Not to mention DeMar is averaging 28 points per game this season against those very teams, which again bodes well for the Bulls in this game. 

The Brooklyn Nets on the other hand have two very big reasons why they can beat the Bulls. Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. I know I’m sounding like a broken record right about now but why look anywhere else when you have two guys who are averaging 30 and 32 points this season respectively? They are bombs just waiting to go off any given night, and who says it won’t be against the Bulls? Plus Nicolas Claxton is having a breakout season, averaging 64% from the field, 8.5 rebounds, and 2 blocks a game. It never hurts to have a big man who can snag rebounds for the few misses your superstars put up, while also being a defensive crutch for them to rely on. 

Both of these teams have a very solid shot at winning this game, however if I was forced to choose, I would take the Bulls moneyline to get my free $200 with DraftKings!

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Written by TFM

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