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Yes, the title is true; we legally cannot lie to you. Big Casinos are trying to swallow each other whole, and until that happens, we all get a little bit of money in our pockets.

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I won’t lie. This is an easy game to predict. The Nuggets will win. Wow, that was an easy blog, My boss is gonna be pissed that this was only like ten words though. Kinda his fault for making this such an easy game to predict.

Alright, alright fine, you want facts? I’ll give you the facts. The Utah Jazz are tanking for Victor Wembanyama. Who is Victor Wembanyama you might ask? Oh, he’s a French wonder kid who has, against future NBA stars, put up 36.5 points and 4.5 rebounds. Which I’m not gonna lie is pretty good no? The Jazz traded away their two and only All-Stars in the hopes that on lottery day lady luck will smile on them and their number will be rolled number 1. Danny Ainge gives absolutely zero shits. It’s 0-82 or bust for the Jazz.

The Nuggets on the other hand are the total opposite. Nikola Jokic is coming off of back-to-back MVP seasons, which by the way, only thirteen other players have done in the history of basketball. And now, this absolute walking triple-double has Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr back in his starting lineup. This team is absolutely poised to take on the Western Conference no matter who they’re playing. Which has me thinking that there is probably a good chance that this is a bit like a certain story that is referenced a little too frequently in pop culture. That being the story of David and Goliath. Except for this time Goliath just steps on David because David is tiny and weak. Instead of, whatever the moral of that story is. 

I mean I feel like suffice it to say, the Nuggets are winning this game, and absolutely covering the spread. Take the Nuggets Moneyline and get your $150 from FanDuel + 3 Months of NBA League Pass for Free!

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