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The Nuggets and the Warriors. Two teams that have the same singular vision to reach the finals. One group is young and hungry, and the other has started an underground fight club. I wonder who will win.

The Warriors are a good team. They won the Championship last season. These are pretty inarguable facts. They also are the NBA team that leads the league in off-season haymakers. Just ask Jordan Poole. Instead of building on the chemistry that comes from winning a championship, Jordan Poole chose to talk shit to a guy with a nasty habit of using his arms and legs rather than his words to solve problems. And now they’re supposed to win against a team that has gone from 50% to 100% in one off-season? A team that was able to take a game from this Warriors team without their 2nd and 3rd scoring options? Unlikely.

The Nuggets are a team that was 6th in the West last season, again, without their second-best player, and with their third-best player touching the court every other week. But this team is no longer part-time. Jamal Murray is legit. It was not that long ago when he was dropping 50 pieces on the Jazz in the playoffs. You get a pretty dangerous combination if you add that to whatever the fuck Jokic does every season to win back-to-back MVPs. And, if you include the fact that Michael Porter Junior will also play against the Warriors, then I would be pretty surprised if the Nuggets didn’t cover the spread.

With a shooter like Jamal out on the court the Warriors can no longer triple-cover Jokic, and they’ll be too busy fighting each other to win this game anyways. Take the Nuggets to cover the spread against the Warriors and get your $150 from FanDuel + 3 Months of NBA League Pass for Free!

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