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Ah, and it starts early. The two teams with everything to lose by winning this game. Two teams who are absolutely in the race to be able to obtain Victor Wembanyama at all costs no matter what salary or pieces they have to dump on the way. Or are they?

For the magic, yes it’s no question. They have maybe two or three exciting pieces without any real direction. Their only real building blocks are their rookie Paolo Banchero, and their sophomore year play Franz Wagner. The rest of this team is young but relatively established in mediocrity. Additionally, the team is working with a second-year head coach, and if you can give this new head coach a legit young big three in Banchero, Wagner, and Wembanyama then the skies are the limit for this team. There is no doubt that the Magic are not gonna be looking to win many games this year.

However, the Pistons are a slightly different story. Now you might be screaming at your screen right now, “How in the hell are the Pistons not gonna tank for Victor?”And while yes you have a point my counter-argument is, what happens when you have too many top-end first-round picks all vying for the same amount of touches and the same amount of points? Usually, nothing good. Right now the Pistons are made up of Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Isaiah Stewart, Saddiq Bey, and Marvin Bagley II. These are all guys that are gonna want to eat as parts of a young team. The last thing this team needs is another player who is trying to get a thousand touches on the ball and 8,000 shots. What they need, and the managerial staff knows this, is stability and chemistry. And you can get none of those when your main pieces change a million times each season. Now maybe it’s a different story once January rolls around and some of these players don’t pan out, but at least as the season starts they’re gonna want to win some games.

Personally, I would say take the Pistons at -4.5 in the season opener between these two teams. If not because they are better than being in fear of what Beef Stew will do to you if you don’t.

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