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The Jameis Winston revenge game. The Saints come into this matchup after a thrilling week one win on the road against the Falcons, who lost in the most Falcons fashion imaginable. While it wasn’t the prettiest win in the world, I’d still take it home after a night of drinking at Pat O’Briens. The Saints’ offense looked more absent than a Casey Anthony child during the first half, but once Jameis Winston started getting his groove back, we saw much of the Jameis we came to know and love last year. Michael Thomas pulled an Undertaker, snagging two touchdowns in his first game back since 2019. The tandem of Can’tGuardMike and Jarvis Landry will be a dangerous combination for any opposing secondary all year. The slow start was hard to watch but honestly could have been expected due to how little Winston played in the preseason. It was clear he needed the first half to get back into a groove after returning from injury. If the Saints want to win the NFC South, their run defense has to improve. Things should turn around for next week because if we know two things about the Saints, it’s that they constantly get screwed by the refs, and they always have a great run defense.

The Bucs are still the Bucs, just a year older and a little bit more battered on the injury front. After returning from his ACL tear, Chris Godwin left week one with a hamstring problem, and starting left tackle Donovan Smith exited with a hyperextended elbow. The Bucs didn’t look great in week one; they just looked better than the Cowboys. The Cowboys looked bad…like…when your friend refuses to show you the Instagram of the girl he’s seeing bad. We still have no temperature on what the Bucs are, so I feel much more confident in the Saints. Vegas likes Tampa Bay -3, but New Orleans will win this game. The Saints made their fourth-quarter run against the Falcons without incorporating Alvin Kamara in the offense much, which leads me to believe we will see a lot of Kamara screenplays, opening the doors for play-action. The Bucs are also injured. It’s unfortunate, yet it’s a part of the game and something that weighs on every gambler’s mind. Take the Saints to win, cover, and be sure to get your free $200 from DraftKings!

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