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Game Analysis:

What a time to be a Phoenix Suns fan. Much like being a Real Estate agent in 2006, the Suns are incapable of losing right now. With a team this dominant, with the guys we knew they had, and the guys that have progressed (shoutout Mikal Bridges), this is the Suns’ championship to lose. The Suns’ reign this year can not be emphasized enough. Every night they went out this season, I had to turn the TV off when the girl I’ve been seeing was over because it felt weirdly like I was watching BDSM. Plugging the holes at the five with JaVale McGee and Bismack Biyombo was an offseason move we’ve watched play dividends, as the Suns are somehow playing better team basketball than they did last year.

I love the NBA, and without Lebron (and most likely Steph) reaching the Finals this year, we are, as cheesy as it sounds, watching the passing of the torch. After everything Devin Booker has gone through with this franchise, all the twenty-three win seasons, the coaches, and the doubt, nobody deserves a championship more than he does. The Suns are almost the inverse of this year’s Lakers. They didn’t pick up Superstars to drive jersey sales or stir drama. They simply put together pieces of a championship puzzle. The state of Arizona deserves this one. Take the Suns, and enjoy the ride.

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