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This Wednesday’s game in sunny Phoenix will be an absolute cage match. These two teams faced off in the Western Conference playoffs last season and the Mavericks handed the Suns their asses. That’s why in their season opener the Suns will come back with a greater vengeance than my stomach after I have several Wendy’s four-for-fours, and drop an absolute dub on the Mavericks.

Let’s start with the Maverick’s off-season moves. The biggest, and really only, move they made this past summer was to trade for past Rocket’s big man Christian Wood. Which, I’m gonna be honest as a Luka Magic fan, is pretty disappointing. Don’t get me wrong Christian Wood is a solid player but is he really that much of an upgrade over Jalen Brunson? Jalen Brunson during the playoffs last season when he really opened up scored 22 points per game on 34 minutes played, with an additional four assists per contest, while Christian Wood has been putting up 18 points per game last season, albeit with an extra 10 rebounds per game as a power forward. So in terms of straight-up scoring, a bit of a downgrade, which isn’t the best considering Luka has already been asked to do everything for this team. (Plus it’s not like Christian Wood is a defensive asset unless he super buys in).

Meanwhile, the Suns have been able to keep most of their core pieces around so you already know that they’ll have more chemistry than Ime Udoka and literally any female on his staff. The Suns returning members are multiple-time All-Star Chris Paul, multiple-time All-Star (and current face of 2k) Devin Booker, and their 2018 first-round pick who has only gotten better every single season Deandre Ayton. This team is absolutely ready to start their season off with a win. Not to mention they still have their elite three and D wing option Mikal Bridges, and very recent Coach of the Year Monty Williams. Plus the Suns are gonna have all of the desire to beat the piss out of the Mavericks after what Luka did to them in the playoffs last season.

I mean you can say I’m insane but, with a better coach, more elite players, and better chemistry, I’d say the Suns have this game all but won. Take the Suns money-line and get your $150 from FanDuel + 3 Months of NBA League Pass for Free!

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Written by TFM

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