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The New York Giants travel to Tennessee in their first game of the season to lose to face off against the Titans. The NFL back, and so is my borderline inappropriate love for Derrick Henry. Nothing gets me more jacked up about a fresh football season than watching that behemoth of a man embarrass the families of cornerbacks paid millions of dollars a year as he shoves them to the ground during a sixty yard run. And now we get to watch him do that to the peewee football team that is the New York Giants.

You may have surmised so far that I am not a fan of the New York Giants, but in all honesty, that has nothing to do with why I think the Titans are going to have their way this weekend against the Giants. The Giants did have a good draft and they’ve made some decent moves in the off-season, but they’re going to be no match for a healthy Derrick Henry and a Titans team that has really only lost A.J. Brown since last season. For the Giants, this game is going to look a lot like my toilet bowl after a twelve-pack of Bud Light topped off with Taco Bell: not pretty. So, take the Titans and bet $5 on the game, and you can take your free $150 from FanDuel, whether your bet hits or not!

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