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The Wizards, and the Clippers. Two mediocre teams this season who going into the season were on wildly different ends of the projection spectrum. The Wizards were expected, at least in some regards, to be in the hunt for Victor Wembanyama. While the Clips, after signing John Wall had real Championship expectations placed upon them. However, the Wizards have the best chance of winning this game due to scheduling and how hot certain star players are right now. 

The Clippers are dangerously underperforming so far this season. They are hovering precariously close to .500 with a roster that should be nowhere near that level. Their most recent games have been losses to the Magic, Kings, and Jazz. Their only win in the past four games was a two-point nail-biter against the Hornets. Not to mention the fact that their star players are not exactly living up to the hype. PG13 has been trying his best, but Kawhi has barely been touching the court this season, and the only reason we aren’t talking more about John Wall is that Russell Westbrook is hogging all of the aging point guard spotlights. 

Meanwhile, the Wizards stars are stealing the show. Bradley Beal is continuing to show why he is him, with his basically 23 points per game on over 52% shooting from the field. Tingus Pingus is having a resurgent year, with 22 points per game on 47% shooting from the field, as well as almost nine rebounds and a block and a half per game. And don’t get me started on Kyle Kuzma. All I’ll say is if you want to grow as a young player, do not get drafted to a Lebron-led NBA team. It will absolutely not help you. 

Honestly, this is a game the Wizards steal from the Clippers since the Clippers will be too focused on the Heat game they play before the Wizards, and then the big bad Celtics they play after the Wizards. Kristaps is him baby, take the Wizards’ Moneyline to get your free $200 instantly with DraftKings!

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Written by Warren Loukota

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