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The Wizards and Pacers. Two teams in the midst of possible rebuilds, and very much in a state of flux. However, between these two teams, there is absolutely one key difference. One team has a true young identity with cohesive players while the other team is the Wizards.

The Wizards seem to be a franchise that is perpetually in the middle of the Eastern Conference. They’re always right there on the edges of relevancy without truly being relevant. And I don’t really see that trend changing at all. With the same roster that the Wizards have to start the season, they were the 12th seed and ended the season on a three-game losing streak. That really isn’t great. Not to mention the fact that this team has less identity than a divorced middle-aged dad. They’re locking up their almost 30-year-old star while most of their best pieces are young developmental pieces so yeah not a lot of identity there.

Meanwhile, the Pacers on the other hand will have one of the youngest starting fives in the game this upcoming season, which you may be thinking makes their chances of winning this game non-existent but I would argue gives them a real identity. They have a core of younger players that are good can play together and will actually want to develop together. Additionally, this Pacers team has won two out of the three last meetings between these two teams. Which doesn’t mean everything but also doesn’t mean nothing. Plus, this could be a real breakout season for Tyrese Haliburton, who finally has a team that he can kinda call his own with a legit three-point shooter in Buddy Hield and a legit big man in Myles Turner.

The Pacers will absolutely win their season opener against the Wizards. They are younger, more exciting, and have an actual direction. Take the Pacers money-line and get your $150 from FanDuel + 3 Months of NBA League Pass for Free!

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