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Game Analysis:

If Houston’s victory over Arizona last night didn’t prove how vital fans are in the stands, I don’t know what does. The Cougars did exactly what they needed to: they played their brand of hard-nosed defense and hit the glass harder than the person in the passenger seat during a drunk driving accident. With that being said, the Villanova Wildcats will beat them. All year, the haters have said “waaaah Villanova’s lack of depth is going to hurt them” and “but Villanova doesn’t have much size“, and what happened? The Wildcats beat overhyped team after overhyped team. 

Villanova has the best five left in the tournament. Could they have beaten Arizona? I’m not sure, but the tournament works a lot like Survivor, so they get to reap the fruits of another man’s burden. The Wildcats can hurt a team in so many ways offensively:

  • Gillespie can lead a mismatch into the paint.
  • They are more accurate than Allan Lichtman from three.
  • Their pick and pop is more dangerous than hopping into a 2AM Uber off a resort in Cabo.

Maybe it’s the point guard that looks like he should have been an extra in The Big Short or the lethal wing in Justin Moore, but this Villanova team reminds me of the 2016 championship squad. Take the ‘Cats. 

Regardless of what happens, take this offer, bet $5 & get $150 back instantly!

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