Bet $5 On Villanova v. Ohio State And Get $150 Back Instantly

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Game Analysis:

Ohio State is the most overrated team in college basketball. They got a lot of hype because of some early out-of-conference wins, but this team got roughed up in the Big 10. While Ohio State is much deeper than ‘Nova, with eight guys that can give you meaningful minutes, March comes down to talent, and this Wildcats team is chock-full of it. Led by a guy who looks like the finance-bro dating your cousin, Collin Gillespie has the experience, leadership qualities, and talent to be a guy who cements himself in March Madness forever. If Villanova plays to three-quarters of their ability, they should find themselves in an elite eight matchup. If the Wildcats get shots going from the perimeter, this game will be a blowout.

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