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Game Analysis:

It’s the battle of teams that have allegedly cheated, except that with the Yankees the glove didn’t fit and the Astros drove down the 405 in a Bronco. Folks, I hate to burst bubbles; however, this is a preview of the ALCS. I like watching Blue Jays baseball as much as the next guy, but you’re more delusional than my Q-Anon intoxicated aunt that yells at birds in Sarasota, Florida, if you think anybody has the pitching, situational hitting, and experience to knock either of these teams out come playoff time. The Yankees have looked human recently; they’ve lost two of their last three for what feels like the first time since we were pulling our troops from Saigon.

Both of these teams have played excellent baseball, and if the All-Star game was played tomorrow they would have a few guys in LA. What this series will come down to are the pitching matchups. And quite frankly, that’s where New York has the edge. It’s looking like the Astros will have Justin Verlander, who has looked about as good as his wife with an ice pop in her mouth on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2012, on the mound in game two. I expect the Astros to steal that one, but the Yankees will carve out three hard wins against a team they know oh-so-well. Take the Yankees.

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