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The Cavaliers against the Hawks. Going into the season, these two teams had very similar projections and trajectories. After the Dejounte Murray deal, we all thought that the Hawks would finally be a solid team that would make some postseason noise. And make noise they did, but it was more of the crying and whining Trae Young has been doing all season. The Cavs offseason has panned out about a million times better. Donovan Mitchell has blended into Cleveland better than Ja blends in at nightclubs. And I mean much, much better. The Cavaliers are legitimate playoff threats, while the Hawks are on the verge of blowing up their team. Take the Cavs.

The Atlanta Hawks confuse me. This was a team that only a few years ago was in the Eastern Conference finals. And then they went and added a pretty elite two-way guard to pair with their closer Trae Young. Historically when you add an all-star caliber player to a squad that has made the Eastern Conference Final that becomes a recipe for success. But for the Hawks, it was pretty much a complete failure on every level. And when you look at the stats it becomes an even stranger phenomenon. Trae has 26 points and 10 assists per game, Dejounte has 20 points per game, and Clint Capela has 12 points and 11 rebounds per game. If I had to truly diagnose this team I would say that their starting five is great, but their bench would probably get beaten by several teams in College hoops. It doesn’t matter how many boards Clint gets if the backup guards he’s dishing it to can’t hit the broad side of a barn. 

The Cavaliers on the other hand have the bench players to keep up with their top-end talent. And boy do they have top-end talent. Donovan Mitchell has fit the proverbial hand that is the Cleveland Cavaliers like a proverbial glove. (I think I’m using that word correctly.) This season the man has been averaging 27.5 points per game along with his backcourt partner Darius Garland who drops 21.7 points per game. These two are a whirlwind of pain for the other team and guarding them seems to be a total nightmare. Not to mention their two absolutely lethal big men in Jarrett Allen and Evan Mobley who have both been getting over 9 boards per game and over a block per game. They are cracked both offensively and defensively, and I don’t know how this Hawks team thinks they have a prayer of a chance of winning.

The Cavs are a much better team than the Hawks. Bet on the Cavs, and when you deposit $50, get $200 in bonus bets instantly!


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Written by tfmace

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