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This game is all about two teams who need a bounce-back game. So the question is, who wants it more? The Giants looked silly out there against Dallas last week, with the defense just dismantling anything that the Giants threw at them. While the Cardinals didn’t look any more coherent even though their scoreline flattered them much more. Either of these teams could go and get a win this Sunday, so let’s see how it shakes out.

The Arizona Cardinals did not come out to the best of starts. James Conner had some moderate success in the running game, and Rondale Moore looked…like he was out there? I mean this offense and defense for the Cards is not the most elite. They don’t have the most talent or the best players. But they do have a new head coach, who’s building up a team slowly and the right way. Much the same as Dan Campbell did with the Lions. And no, this process won’t be quick or easy as any Lions fan can tell you, but in the long run it will be worth it. The bigger story than the inadequacies of the Cardinals are the inadequacies of the Giants. 

This New York Giants team looked like they got hit with a semi in game one. They looked like they had no off-season, no identity, no upgrade at tight end. I mean this team looked lost and confused and scared. And, I mean, I would be too, that Cowboy’s defensive line is legit. But if the Giants team that came out to play against the Cowboys comes out to play against the Cardinals, I don’t know if they’ll fair much better. Daniel Jones has to get his act together. He’s gotta be coached on what color of jerseys his team is wearing. Because that was about as disaster-class as it gets. 

Both of these teams did not look great last week, which means this week is a pick ‘em. Bet on either team and when you deposit $50, get $250 in bonus bets!


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Written by Warren Loukota

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