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Alright boys and girls, listen up because I will only say this once. Xavier can and will beat Texas…..ok I lied, I’ll say it again. Xavier can beat Texas this upcoming weekend, and I truly think they will. Both of these teams have looked great so far in these first two games, and regardless of the outcome, this game is going to be a very fun game to watch. Xavier has been burying teams without a three-point shot so far, so in this game once they unlock that shot man do I fear for Texas.

Now Texas is an amazing team. I can’t go around lying and saying that this is going to be an easy matchup for Xavier. Because it’s not. Texas has been one of the most high-powered offenses in the tournament so far, beating up double-digit seeded teams like they’re a college team playing slightly worse college teams. Wait, sorry I’m not great with comparisons. Regardless, this Texas team has been no joke. Even though their game against Penn State was pretty close Dylan Disu came to the rescue, dropping 28 points and going 14 for 20 from the field. Actually come to think of it, he also did that against Colgate. He went 8 for 11 from the field and dropped 17 points. That’s giving me flashbacks to another top-seeded team that leaned a ton on one player and it failed them. *cough cough* Purdue. Yes obviously Texas is not as egregious in their backpack-like nature but it does worry me going into their first matchup against a better then tenth-seeded team. I wonder what will happen in Dyand gets shut down.

Xavier has been a lot more distributive with the ball and it’s shown through. Last game only one player on the entire team didn’t get to double digits in points. This is a team that lives and breathes chemistry and that will be why they beat Texas. If you’re telling me that I have to single someone out on this team of selfless hoopers I guess I’ll focus on Jerome Hunter who has seemed unstoppable lately. Throughout this tournament, the man has been shooting about 66% from the field which is just insane. This consistency has so far allowed Xavier to beat teams when they’re doing things like going 2 for 12 from three as a team. But once those shots start falling, man, this offense is going to be scary. I mean if you can beat teams without a large facet of your game working then who knows what the true ceiling of this team looks like? 

Xavier is a much better all-around team than Texas. They share the ball more, they distribute better, and they work more in cohesion. Bet on Xavier, and when you deposit $50, get $200 in bonus bets instantly!


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Written by Warren Loukota

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