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The basketball gods have been smiling upon us all. This series has been everything so far. We’ve gotten some great performances from great players. We’ve gotten some terrible performances from great players. We’ve had role players step up. We’ve had coaching masterclasses and coaching woes. I mean there is literally nothing more you could ask for from this titanic Eastern Conference matchup. Asking me to pick a winner is like asking me to break John Stockton’s assists record; impossible. One thing I know for certain, though, is that no matter who comes out on top, it’ll be a great game. So get your sofa snacks and drinks ready and buckle up, it’s about to get hot.

The Boston Celtics have been more up and down in this series than the Superman Coaster at Six Flags. They did prove last night that they technically don’t need Jayson Tatum to win games, although I’m sure they’d love it if he didn’t go 1 for 14 in the first three quarters of game 7. He did finish the game very strong though so I’ve gotta hand it to him, he does have some mental toughness. The real stars of last night for the C’s though were their guards. Derrick White went 3 for 5 on threes and did everything the Celtics asked of him. Malcolm Brogdon was a hot hand shooting 6 for 11 from the field and even grabbing himself 6 boards to go along with his 16 points. And Marcus stole the show with 22 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds across the night. He finally started acting like an emotional leader and floor general out there, which gave Tatum the time necessary for him to get out of his own head. I’m glad the C’s also shifted back to a two-big starting 5. It’s a lot easier to stop the MVP with two defenders rather than just Al trying his best to not get run over.

The Philadelphia 76ers probably didn’t play their best game last night. But if they have shown one thing in this series it’s that they love a good response game. The last game they won in this series was actually that very important game 5 in Boston, giving them the 3-2 series lead. Joel Embiid is still the MVP, and he showcased it in game six with 10 boards and 26 points. Tyrese Maxey was the Little Engine that Could out there, running laps around Boston’s older guards and securing himself 26 of his own points. Heck, even Georges Niang had himself a great shooting night going 2 for 3 from three-point land. I hate to be that guy, but this game may come down to whether or not James Harden shoots the ball efficiently. In the games where he goes crazy, the 76ers win. In the games where he doesn’t, the 76ers lose. So I hope you 76ers fans are sacrificing to the basketball gods and praying James shows out.

This game will be one for the ages. Do I know who will win? No I do not, but one of these teams has to, so join Edge Boost now & double your bet instantly!

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Written by Warren Loukota

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