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YESSSSS. The basketball gods have smiled down upon us, my friends. Let us be thankful for the fact that at least one of these Conference Finals series went to seven games. This is it. Both teams are on their last life. It is quite literally a do-or-die game. Or I guess in this case it’s a do or join Lebron in Cancun game. That game six had my heart all over the place, Adam Silver’s scriptwriters must be working overtime. Who the heck even knows what’s gonna happen in game seven after that game six? Basketball is a game of tenths of a second, and I cannot wait to see how game seven is won.

The Boston Celtics have done the complete opposite of the Lakers and thank goodness for that. I was so worried once LA and Boston both went down 3-0 in their series that this would be the most boring Conference Finals round ever. Luckily, Derrick White and the Boston Celtics decided to put some life into this post-season. Derrick White might have had the most impactful 11 points of his entire career. Not only did he make the game-winning layup with 0.1 seconds left on the game clock, but he also hit a three that started the final run that the Celtics had in the game. Derrick White has done the opposite of his hairline in these past few games and increased his play. He does not want to go home, and I commend him for that. And yes Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown did some cool stuff I guess with 31 and 26 points respectively. But I’d also like to talk about Al Horford. He may have only put up 4 points, but his presence was felt on the defensive end of the floor. Al Horford had potentially a bigger play than Derrick White with his final minute’s block on Bam Adebayo. He blocked that shot like it was a groupie with a broken condom trying to get a child support payment. This Celtics team does not wanna go home.

Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler will not play like that again. This game seven has got to be terrifying if you’re a Celtics fan. This game was barely won in a final second shot, while Jimmy and Bam were shooting a combined 9 for 37 from the field. That will not happen again, and if the people around those two players can keep playing how they played in game six then the Celtics are in trouble. Caleb Martin and Gabe Vincent have been clinical in this post-season for the Miami Heat. So clinical in fact that the Heat have been able to take some minutes away from Kyle ‘biggest NBA booty’ Lowry. I do wonder why Kevin Love didn’t see the court in game six at all. He looked like he was doing some damage in game five with his rebounding, he even started. I wonder if Spoelstra will make one more set of changes for this final game to try and change history. 

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Written by Warren Loukota

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