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This is now a do-or-die situation for the Lakers. And I for one cannot see a Lebron-led Lakers team dying in the playoffs with only four games played. The Nuggets have just been going about so far in these playoffs and proving why they are the top-seeded team in the West. Are they overall a better team than this version of the Lakers? Absolutely, but do I refuse to believe that Lebron is going to let his team get swept? Absolutely. Expect 1,000% effort from the Lakers tomorrow night.

The Nuggets have quite simply been outclassing the Lakers. No disrespect to Lebron or Anthony Davis, but the Nuggets just have a more complete roster. Jamal Murray has been a man on fire so far in this series. He has been averaging like 34 points in these past three games with some crazy efficiency. I know Jayson Tatum likes to say that Kobe is who he modeled his game after but I’m sorry, the Black Mamba reincarnate this off-season has been Murray hands-down. And then you pair that whirlwind of points with a generational center in Nikola Jokic and it’s just a bloodbath. In fact, the rest of the Nuggets were so good in game three and Jokic didn’t even have to be that good for them to win the game. He ended with 24 points, 6 rebounds, and 8 assists. Which by his standards is pretty lackluster. 

The Lakers are going to have to want this one if they are trying to avoid a sweep. I gotta keep being honest in this blog and ask; what happened to D’Angelo Russell? Did someone hurt him? Is he going through something? Because he has completely forgotten how to shoot a basketball in the span of just a few short weeks. I just wanna make sure if gets the support he needs since 50-year-old-looking Dennis ‘the Menace’ Schroder is not gonna cut it. There is one guard in LA that has not forgotten how to shoot and that is Austin Reaves. This man is on fire. In game three he shot 7 for 10 on his way to 23 points. When the Lakers traded for D-Lo we were all so confident that they had just traded for their third star but instead, I guess it just unlocked their real third star. Heck, D-Lo ain’t even their fourth-best player right now because Rui Hachimura has also been a bucket in the post-season. Ruid probably had his worst game of the series so far in game three and still managed to walk away with 13 points and 6 boards. And of course, it goes without saying that LeMickey and ADisney had good games. They were the two highest scorers for the Lakers and Anthony led his team in boards. 

Let’s see if the Lakers can do the impossible and beat Nikola Jokic. Join Edge Boost now & double your bet instantly!

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