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It is officially the Dog Days of summer when there are none of the big four American sports are being played except the only one that is America’s pastime; baseball. You might disagree but man I love this game, and the Astros are not only the defending champs but also are one of the better teams in baseball this year. Here is what you should know about the baseball team from Houston before you (responsibly) take advantage of this sweet offer from Edge Boost.

Let’s start with the offense. The Astros are pretty middle of the pack on the offensive side of the baseball, averaging 4.5 runs a game which ties them for 14th in the MLB. They get more than 8 hits a game which is fine, but really don’t hit well as a team. Sure Dubon, Kyle Tucker, and Alvarez are hitting well, but 3 players are hitting under .200 which is not good. Overall, they still score runs and combine that with their excellent defense and pitching, this team is 9 wins above .500 and second in their division for a reason.

Now the defense and pitching are really the reason for the Astros success up to this point. I mean, they’re (tied for) allowing the fewest runs in the MLB per game with 3.7. They only allow 8 hits a game which puts them tied for sixth, and man let’s talk about this bullpen. 1st in the league in team ERA, with just 3.24 earned runs given up. Wow that is insane. Valdez, Javier, and Brown have each won at least six games, and Ryan Pressly has 12 saves with 31 strikeouts. This defense just does not give up runs, and when balls are put in play both the infield and outfield are dialed, with a 98.8% fielding percentage.

This is a well balanced team, with the pitching to make up for some lackluster bats. I’d take them in almost any series they play in, and if you’re going to bet on them, might as well Join Edge Boost now & double your bet instantly!

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Written by Ben Mulry

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