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Oh yea, this Texas Rangers team knows what baseball fans want to watch. They’re either on highlight reels hitting dingers or on highlight reels making some insane fielding plays. The chance to get to watch them beat up on this overhyped Yankees team brings me so much joy. Even if Aaron Judge plays, which who knows because he definitely hasn’t been playing in every game I still love the Rangers in this series.

This Texas Rangers team has been more of a Texas Tanks team or a Texas doesn’t know what fences are for on a baseball field team. They currently have three different players over the 10 homerun landmark. Adolis Garcia, the Ranger’s right fielder has been the subject of surprisingly few “random drug tests” on his way to 15 home runs this season which has put him tied for 14th most in the league so far this year. He also leads the team in RBIs with 55 of them. Which I guess is only an impressive stat if you care about stuff like runs and scoring and winning. Speaking of winning, hitting, and scoring are only one side of the proverbial coin, the other side would be fielding and preventing the other team from scoring, or so I’m told. And in that department, the Rangers are also stacked. They’ve got Center Feilder Loedy Taveras who has made 0 errors and has a 100% fielding percentage. That doesn’t really sound super impressive, but look into it, and see how few players have played 52 games this year, 0 errors, and have never dropped a catch. It’s fewer than you think.

The Yankees, while being a solid team, are shall we say, much worse? When it comes to hitting they have one of the best in the business in Aaron Judge. Even though he signed his new contract that gave him like half the rights to the Yankees and a dinosaur probably, he still has come into this season swinging, Literally. He has 19 home runs in just 49 games played. That has him tied for fourth place for most homers this year. On top of that, he’s got 40 RBIs, and the highest OBP + Slugging Percentage in the entire league at 1.078. When it comes to fielding though they are incredibly outmatched. This Yankees team couldn’t stop a nosebleed if they were handed Kleenex. 

The Rangers team is going to demolish the Yankees and I, for one, will not miss a second of it. So watch along with me and Join Edge Boost now & double your bet instantly!

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Written by Warren Loukota

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