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The Blue Jays lit off fireworks last night like they were Jason Pierre-Paul on the fourth of July. Just when the Yankees had pulled me back in, they got shelled to lose the thirteenth of the last seventeen games. Frankie Montas is not pitching like the guy they traded for, and to make matters worse, Jordan Montgomery looks like an ex-girlfriend that got breast implants and now has fifteen thousand followers on Instagram. As messy as things might seem, history says the Yankees will be just fine. Remember the 2000 team? The one that defeated the Mets in five games? They went two and thirteen from Mid-September to early October that year. The 2005 White Sox lost seven games in a row in late August, the 2006 Cardinals lost eight games from late July to early August, and the 2016 Chicago Cubs went five and fifteen at a point.

The Yankees will be fine. New York is too talented for this not to work. The Donaldson walk-off home run the other night should have probably carried a little bit more momentum, but the Yankees will turn it around soon. Take the Yankees in game four and be sure to sign up with Bet365!

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