Do You Like Free Money? Bet $1 To Win $100 If Either Team Scores A Touchdown

I’m once again offering you free money, free packs of cigs, and free condoms that we all know you won’t need even though you think this will be the weekend you score. WynnBet is offering another great bonus, and if you aren’t taking advantage of this, you’re worse than the chick with the blue hair who is tweeting about how men are the worst.

Here’s how the offer works, and if you live in VA, IN, CO, TN, NJ, or AZ, take advantage of this.

If I was a first-time depositor, here’s what I would do. Bet on an early College Football game, so I could have $100 to lose either that night or on NFL Sunday. The earliest College Football games are at noon tomorrow. Boise State vs. Utah State, Bowling Green vs. Minnesota, Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, LSU vs. Mississippi State, Miami of Ohio vs. Army, and Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin. The game I would stay far away from is the Miami of Ohio vs. Army. Army’s offense uses the triple option, and you never know what the fuck’s going to happen with that. They also have a great defense, so who knows, we could have a 6-0 type of game.

This year, Boise State has scored 10 touchdowns in three weeks and hasn’t gone touchdown less once yet; Utah State has scored 15 touchdowns and hasn’t gone touchdown less once yet. Bowling Green has scored 4 touchdowns and has gone touchdown less in one game, Minnesota has scored 12 touchdowns and hasn’t gone touchdown less once yet. Georgia has scored 13 touchdowns and has gone touchdown less once, which was against Clemson; Vanderbilt has scored 6 touchdowns and has gone touchdown less once.

With all of that being said, I would go with the Boise State and Utah State game. Neither team has gone touchdown less this year, and both teams have a combined 25 touchdowns. If you have no opinions on College Football games, remember you can also take advantage of this offer for the NFL.


We are going live blog with this bitch because the promo is so amazing. The 1 o clock games that I highlighted all cashed on the promo. Boise State scored 3 touchdowns, and Utah State only scored a field goal, but it doesn’t matter since Boise cashed in on the promo. Bowling Green scored 2 touchdowns, and Minnesota scored 1. Even the game I was scared of cashed on this promo since Army scored 2 touchdowns and Miami of Ohio scored 1. There wasn’t a bigger blowout than Georgia vs. Vanderbilt, but it didn’t matter since Georgia scored 8 touchdowns and cashed on the promo.  

If you missed out on this great promo don’t worry because there’s more football tonight. We will look at the 7:30 games, so you have a little bit to jump on this promo.

The teams playing at 7:30 are Akron vs. Ohio State, North Carolina vs. Georgia Tech, Southern Miss vs. Alabama, and West Virginia vs. Oklahoma. There are some big hitters in this time slot. 3 teams are in the top 10. These top 10 teams will score a touchdown in a game. We could see another giant blowout in Southern Miss vs. Alabama. If I missed the promo for the 1 o clock games, I would take the Southern Miss vs. Alabama game. Alabama, so far this year, has scored 123 points this season in three games. They are a powerhouse and will run up the score on a shitty Sothern Miss team. Southern Miss isn’t close to Alabama’s level, but they have scored 68 points so far. We might see Alabama’s backup scoring some touchdowns after they go up 50, turn your brain off and win an easy $100 on this game.

Update #2

I was right about the Alabama game. I mean, it’s not like I had to be a genius; all they needed to do was score a touchdown, and you won money. All of the 7:30 games cashed in on this special. Shit, every college football game cashed in on this special. Wynn Bet is rolling over and giving you a free $100 with this offer. If you were day drinking yesterday and somehow didn’t see this offer, and you’re kicking your hungover self for not winning a free $100. Don’t worry because the offer is still going on for NFL Sunday. Remember, this is how you take advantage of this offer. Now go do it before you start day drinking again.


NFL Sunday has officially kicked off and we are in the witching hour. All of the 1 o’ clock games are at the end of the 3rd quarter or beginning of the 4th quarter. And guess what? In all of those games, there was a touchdown scored. Even the shitty Jaguars have scored a touchdown. Da Bears’ offense can only score field goals, but it’s okay since the Browns scored a touchdown.

If you missed out on the offer for the early NFL games, don’t worry. You have an hour until the next slate of games happen. We have some heavy hitting offenses in the Rams, Buccaneers, and Seahawks starting in an hour. The day is quickly ending so don’t be dumb and miss this offer.

Remember, don’t be dumb and jump on this fantastic offer that Wynn Bet is offering.

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