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Friday on TFM Bets: 2022 Recaps and Max Duggan in the Natty

Whether you’re trying to make money by fading Trent or pay for your drinks with Mikey’s Thursday night plays, TFM Bets has you covered. New episodes come out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so tune in!

Today on TFM Bets, Mikey and Trent kick things off by taking a look back at all the plays from their 2022 betting season. They create a “Hall of Fame” for both teams and players with four selections each. Mikey is riding high on his alma matter, Providence, and they lead the top of his team GOATs from the past year. For Trent, his number one was an easy pick with his own alma matter of TCU in the College Football Championship. The player GOATs include the likes of PJ Pipes and Nathan MacKinnon as the boys reminisce on some of their biggest success stories from this past year.

As the pod moved on, it came time to discuss the Natty Chip. It’s the biggest game in college football, so clearly the fellas are going to have to bet their balls off – wait, you can’t tailgate at SoFi stadium? The Frogs are underdogs going into this game, and according to Mikey, almost 80% of people are on the Frogs to cover +12.5 and Mattress Mack has five million on the Frogs against the Georgia Bulldogs. Georgia is a scary team, but Trent thinks that if the Frogs can stop from allowing third down conversions, TCU is at the table, which means it was time for the boys to cook up their plays for the Natty.

With everything weird going on in the NFL scheduling for the end of the season, the boys went back to basics by riding with the TFM Two-Teamer on Saturday and hammering the spread for both favorites, the Chiefs and Jags. With that in place, the guys talk the rest of the NFL slate and make their selections for the final week of NFL regular season football.

Tune into today’s episode to see what else the fellas get into wherever watch your podcasts and check ‘em out on TikTok, too. Watch TFM Bets here!

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