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Friday on TFM Bets: An NBA Christmas GIFT and Week 16 of the NFL

Whether you’re trying to make money by fading Trent or pay for your drinks with Mikey’s Thursday night plays, TFM Bets has you covered. New episodes come out Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so tune in!

The fellas recorded this episode on Thursday, which means that we get forty full minutes of Mikey having absolutely no clue that his Jets were about to be a part of one of the more embarrassing games played in the 2022 NFL season. We’re all anxiously awaiting the moment that he has to defend his squad and the absolute no-namer they threw in at quarterback after New York played some of the worst football on Primetime this year – yeah, the Broncos are officially off the hook.

The boys then dive into the week sixteen NFL slate and the weather that’s going to be factoring into the the lines and outcomes of this upcoming weekend. Trent’s most likely got the Bills in a Surge Six, but with the game being played at Soldier Field in some questionable weather, there’s some fear of Justin Fields with that pick. As they continue, we get an absolutely WILD pick from Trent in the Bengals vs. Patriots game. The Fade God is rolling with New England. Mikey, on the other hand, isn’t letting Trent’s nonsense affect his common sense, though, and he’s rolling with Cincinnati.

After breaking down the rest of the NFL games, player props, and Sneaky Nukes, the conversation turned to Christmas Day and the NBA. They dive into the props they’re feeling confident about and deliver a Christmas GOAT entry as a gift to all of you out there listening, trailing, fading, and laughing at the hindsight becoming 20/20 week after week. Merry Christmas to you from everyone at TFM Bets!

Tune into today’s episode to see what else the fellas get into wherever watch your podcasts and check ‘em out on TikTok, too. Watch TFM Bets here!

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