Gronk’s “Kick of Destiny” is Giving Away $10,000,000 During The Super Bowl!

Rob Gronkowski is back in the Super Bowl yet again, but this time he’s not playing for the Lombardi Trophy. He’s got too many of those already. Instead, he’ll be kicking a field goal during a live Super Bowl LVII commercial that’s being called the “Kick of Destiny,” a 25 yard chip shot field goal to win FanDuel users $10,000,000 in Bonus Bets!

The retired tight end played for the Patriots and Buccaneers during his career, but his efforts are now focused on giving the people what they want. What do the people want? Entertaining television and money. All Gronk needs to do to provide entertaining television is have his face on screen – the dude is undeniably awesome – and now he’s figured out a way to get everybody that’s eligible a little bit of bonus money in their accounts.

FanDuel partnered with Gronk to give the opportunity for their users to win a share of $10 MILLION in Bonus Bets, and it all comes down to the kick of destiny: all Gronk has to do is make it. Gronk has been training with a legendary kicker to make sure that everyone who opts in can get their share of that $10 million because remember: if Gronk doesn’t make it, then the bonus bets go off the table. All anyone has to do is put $5 on the game, and when the former Tight End makes the kick, they’ll receive their share of the $10 million.

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